These days, we’re all connected. At our jobs, at our homes, while we’re traveling—whether we’re on our laptops or tablets or phones, we’re tapped in to the digital world and to the networks surrounding us. All of that has led to an explosion of job prospects for those who can design, set up, manage, and protect these interfaces.

Salem University’s long history in higher education grounds our programs, even as we focus on the future of our globalized world. We offer bachelor’s, master’s, and associate degree programs in information technology. Explore our offerings below.

IT Bachelor’s Degree Programs

Learn how to address the real-world challenges and opportunities of modern IT infrastructure with Salem’s Bachelor of Science in Information Technology degree. Our experienced faculty help you learn about systems analysis, programming, database systems, computer networking, information security, project management, and more. Discover how to apply IT theories and principles to global business problems, as well as how to better secure data in an interconnected environment where the risk of cyber threats is growing. Graduates will be ready to apply for a number of different IT occupations, like network security analyst, technical support specialist, computer forensics analyst, and network manager.

Those who enroll in our bachelor’s degree program in information technology can select from specializations that include:

IT Master’s Degree Programs

Continue your career growth and expand your knowledge of the most up-to-date IT theories and principles with Salem’s Master of Science in Information Technology degree. We also explore the leadership and management skills you will need to take on upper-level roles in the IT industry and lead teams of IT professionals toward a strategic vision and goals. Depending on the specialized direction you want to take your career, you’ll also learn about topics like: designing, analyzing, and deploying information management solutions; better protecting data against cyber threats; housing, processing, and strategizing of big data; evaluating and prioritizing software development projects; and developing best practices to solve organization and business challenges.

Those who enroll in our master’s degree program in information technology can select from specializations that include:

IT Associate Degree Programs

Those who enroll in Salem’s Associate of Science in Information Technology degree program benefit from a shorter term, focused curriculum, over half of which is committed to core IT courses covering topics like computer graphics fundamentals, internet publishing, and database architecture. Graduates with an IT associate degree have the opportunity to get their foot in the door in entry-level IT careers like technical support assistant and office technology support. Alternatively, you can choose to apply this degree toward a bachelor’s degree program or other advanced studies.

If you are interested in learning more about the information technology degree programs offered by Salem University, please contact us today. Our admissions staff would be happy to answer any questions you have and discuss the opportunities Salem has to offer.