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The Integrative Health Institute (IHI) was established in January 2022 to transform the education of health professionals, educators, and other inquisitive adult students through an innovative curriculum in the science, tools and skills of health care and education. In addition, our aim is to create a new generation of health and wellness practitioners and educators who are skilled at dealing with the pressures and extreme challenges in healthcare today, embody health and well-being themselves, and can provide integrative evidence-based approaches to their diverse patients, clients, and students.

Upcoming Programs

  • Integrative Health Coaching

Credited Certificates

  • Integrative Health and Healing
  • Consciousness and Transpersonal Psychology
  • Learning and Thinking

Integrative Health Workshops

  • Energy & Vitality: The HeartMath Approach
  • Creativity As Your Personal Well-Being Strategy
  • Stand Like A Mountain, Flow Like Water
  • Breathing Science
  • Integrative Pain Management For Chronic Pain

Upcoming Programs


– Classes Start Feb. 27, 2023

The Integrative Health Institute Health & Wellness Coaching is a 16-week graduate-level certificate of completion. The certificate program provides basic competency in core coaching skills for working with a diverse set of clients or patients, with a specific focus on integrative health coaching. The course will foster self-awareness and self-discovery through exploration of mindfulness and personal growth to create an integrative approach to wellness. It will instill knowledge of healthy lifestyle factors and steps for improving wellness. The program will teach facilitation of client self-awareness and coaching for behavior modification strategies through the application of wellness assessment tools and motivational skills. The program is designed to serve and educate professionals interested in coaching others to optimal health and wellness. Students will develop the skills necessary to build the coaching relationship from start to finish.

Credited Certificates


– Classes Start Aug. 28, 2023
The Integrative Health and Healing program is a 12-credit hour graduate-level certificate of completion. Students will examine health, wellness, and illness from a holistic perspective. This approach involves comparing, connecting, and integrating conventional, alternative, and complementary approaches to promote health and wellness to prioritize prevention, well-being, and healing. The program begins by introducing students to the cultural belief systems of patients and practitioners while exploring diverse allopathic, complementary, and alternative healing practices and protocols for achieving optimal health and wellness. Students will explore the five major types of complementary and alternative medicine including alternative medical, mind-body, biology-based treatments, manipulative and body-based methods, and energy therapies. This program provides a map to assessing and creating protocols for a whole-person approach in the promotion of wellness or the management of chronic illness.


-Classes start Aug. 28, 2023
The graduate certificate in Consciousness, Transpersonal Psychology (CTM) is a 12-credit graduate-level certificate of completion that provides students with a foundation in Consciousness Studies and Transpersonal Psychology. The certificate is designed to introduce students to the historical origins and the theoretical and methodological foundations of Consciousness and Transpersonal Psychology through the examination of diverse theories and concepts of consciousness and the processes that may lead to transpersonal phenomena such as awakening, enlightenment, and unity consciousness. Students will learn to access their own intuition and embodied wisdom while practicing mindfulness and presence.


– Classes Start Aug. 28, 2023
The Learning and Thinking certificate is an 18-credit program designed for teachers who seek opportunities to discover the sources and processes of thinking, learning, and creating meaning. The program’s content develops students’ abilities to analyze and synthesize a wide spectrum of academic experiences for the purpose of extrapolating personal meaning(s) and for extending worldviews through the internalization of selected conceptual frameworks. The specialization focuses on the study of cognitive and metacognitive strategies, developmental psychology, socio-emotional learning, and with applications to classroom teaching.

Integrative Health Workshops


-Classes Start TBD, Early 2023 with classes on two more Wednesdays: October 5 and October 12 from 6-8pm EST (synchronous, like zoom webinars)
Have you noticed how it’s been getting harder and harder to feel great energy and sustain it through a day or a week? Have you gotten the “proper number of hours” of sleep only to wake up still exhausted? You’re not alone. Since 1991, the HeartMath Institute has demonstrated powerful discoveries rooted in how we spend our energy so we can increase vitality. Practice of the HeartMath techniques improves heart rate variability through increasing emotional self-regulation skills, leading to life-changing shifts in energy and vitality throughout the lifespan. Join us for three informative and practical sessions as we dive into these powerful energy-boosting techniques that can dramatically reduce stress, reset your system and refresh your access to joyful energy and youthful vitality.


– Classes Start TBD, Early 2023, with classes on three more Wednesdays: Nov 2, Nov 9, Nov 16, 2022 6-8pm EST (two synchronous hours each)
Most people have not tapped into an unlimited supply of creative energy designed into them. This course is a multi-modality exploration of your personal creative gifts through music, art, dance, creative writing, and photography. As a result of research in emotional well-being, immune function, resilience, longevity, disease prevention, and optimal health, it has been proven that being creative actively boosts immune and cognitive function, while also being great for our mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual health.


– Asynchronous/Self-paced, On-going enrollment
Course description: This course offers a comprehensive overview of insights, theories and wisdom on the topic of stress and human spirituality. This self-paced online course presents 10 lessons based on the chapters from the best selling book, Stand Like Mountain, Flow Like Water. Each lesson is comprised of three parts: 1) A “wisdom circle” fireside chat highlighting spiritual insights, 2) A soul-searching journal exercise to help process these insights, and 3) A guided meditation to help reinforce the insights and offer a sense of relaxation and inner peace in these challenging, if not turbulent, times. This course provides students with the tools to cope and resolve stressors (big and small) on the journey called life.


– The profound effects of breathing habits on health and performance
TBD, Early 2023
Course description: Statistics suggest that millions of people worldwide suffer from the profound deficits and misunderstood symptoms of dysfunctional breathing habits. Unfortunately, these habits are rarely identified by practitioners. Their effects are mistakenly attributed to other causes and their resolutions tend to be prescriptive in nature, often leading to additional health impairments over time. In this introductory course, you will learn about the physiology, behavioral science, and technology used in identifying and disengaging dysfunctional breathing habits, as well as comprehensive approaches to assisting clients in learning new habits that enhance health and performance. We will explore a new paradigm for understanding breathing and its effects, and bring together the biological and behavioral sciences in new, practical ways.


– Live on Zoom, TBD, Early 2023
Course description: Pain that lasts more than three to six months develops a different pathophysiology in the body and brain due to central and peripheral sensitization. Further, due to the evidence demonstrated in the medical literature, the 2022 CDC opioid guidelines delineate the use of Integrative Therapies as first line management in many or most chronic pain syndromes. In this course series, we will discuss the physiology of acute pain and the central and peripheral sensitization that develops in chronic pain. Next, we will cover the mechanisms of action for evidence based non-opioid therapies. We will focus on evidence-based therapies that have a physiologic basis including mind-body medicine, nutrition and dietary supplements, movement therapies and acupuncture. This course will be beneficial for anyone with chronic pain and for practitioners working with patients with chronic pain. Participants will leave the course will a toolbox full of effective non-opioid therapies for chronic pain management.


IHI is built on a foundation of collaboration with leaders from academic institutions, nursing and medical associations, health sciences, integrative and holistic nursing, holistic health and medicine, integrative health coaching, psychophysiology, neuroscience, resilience, breath science, learning, leadership, and trauma-informed therapies.

Integrative Health Institute

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