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The Integrative Health Institute (IHI) was established in January 2022 to transform the education of health professionals, educators, and other inquisitive adult students through an innovative curriculum in the science, tools and skills of health care and education. In addition, our aim is to create a new generation of health and wellness practitioners and educators who are skilled at dealing with the pressures and extreme challenges in healthcare today, embody health and well-being themselves, and can provide integrative evidence-based approaches to their diverse patients, clients, and students.

Certificates, Degree Programs and Lifelong Learning

Integrative Health Coaching Certificate Program (non-credit)

The Integrative Health Coaching Certificate is a 16-week program that runs in two consecutive 8-week sessions with 2 courses each week. It is designed to educate professionals interested in coaching others to optimal health and wellness. Students will develop the skills necessary to build the coaching relationship from start to finish with an emphasis on integrative health practices and principles.

Program Length: 16 weeks (2 courses; 8-weeks per course)

This certificate program is designed for:
Allied health professionals, traditional & alternative medicine practitioners, integrative and holistic health practitioners, nurses, fitness professionals, athletic coaches, whole person-centered wellness enthusiasts or professionals, diabetes prevention professionals, healthcare organizations, self-insured corporations, and schools.

Classes Start May 1, 2023

To reserve your seat in class and begin the program, you must first pay at least a $500 deposit, which will be applied to the cost of the course.
Salem University understands that education expenses may be easier to work into your family budget when spread over predictable monthly payments. As a result, interest-free monthly payment plans are available once you pay the initial $500 deposit. For additional information, or to set up the payment plan your can contact Stephanie Roberts: (304)326-1310 or email at or Autumn Costello: (317)805-1793 or email

If you do not need a payment plan and wish to pay in full you can do so at the time of registration.

To put down a $500 deposit click on the link below and complete the payment form.

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Integrative Health and Healing Graduate Certificate (12 credit hours)

This certificate program provides a map to assessing and creating protocols for a whole-person approach in the promotion of wellness or the management of chronic illness. Students explore the 5 major types of integrative, complementary, and alternative medicine approaches including functional medicine, mind-body, biology-based treatments, manipulative and body-based methods, and energy therapies.

Program Length: 32 weeks (4 courses; 8-weeks per course)

This certificate program is designed for:
Nurses & nurse practitioners, integrative health practitioners, public health professionals & clinicians, fitness professionals, healthcare organizations, personal development, and retired adult learners.

Classes Start: TBA

Consciousness & Transpersonal Psychology Graduate Certificate (12 credit hours)

This certificate program introduces students to the historical origins and theoretical and methodological foundations of Transpersonal Psychology Studies, including theoretical frameworks from psychologists such as Carl Jung, Abraham Maslow, and others. Students learn practices that awaken their own intuition and engage in mediation and somatic-awareness practices to re-establish connectivity to the mind, body, and spirit.

Program Length: 32 weeks (4 courses; 8-weeks per course)

This certificate program is designed for:
Healthcare professionals, psychologists, therapists, teaching positions, life & health coaches, healthcare educators, integrative health practitioners, corporate consulting, and research positions.

Classes Start: TBA

Learning and Thinking Certificate

This program is for teachers who seek opportunities to discover the sources and processes of thinking, learning, and creating meaning. The specialization focuses on the study of cognitive and metacognitive strategies, developmental psychology, socio-emotional learning, and with applications to classroom teaching.

Program Length: 24 weeks (6 courses; 4-weeks per course)

This certificate program is designed for:
Educators, instructional designers, nurses, sociologists, anthropologists, public relation specialists, software developers, and corporate trainers.

Classes Start: TBA

Holistic Nutrition Certificate (non-credit)

This certificate program is predicated on identifying the four markers of well-being: nutritional, physical, emotional, and environmental well-being. Students will learn the foundational principles of plant medicine including the use of herbs and essential oils in integrative health and healing. The markers of well-being, how to test them, and interventions to improve their patients’ vitality and well-being are also discussed. In addition, students are introduced to a map for assessing and creating protocols for a whole-person approach in the promotion of wellness and the management of chronic illness.

Program Length: 32 weeks (4 courses; 8-weeks per course)

This certificate program is designed for:
Nutritionists, dietitian, health & wellness coaches, life coaches, holistic therapists, nurses, hospitals, clinics, private practices, birthing centers, rehab facilities, long-term care facilities, schools, public health clinics, mental health centers, gyms, and trainers.

Classes Start: TBA

Life-Long Learning Integrative Health Workshops

Energy, Vitality & Focus: The HeartMath Approach

Practice of the HeartMath techniques has shown to reduce the biological and biochemical impact of stress, while improving heart rate variability and cognitive function through increasing nervous system and emotional self-regulation skills. This process can lead to life-changing shifts in energy,vitality and focus throughout the lifespan.

Workshop Length: 4 hours

This workshop is designed for: Corporate managers & executives; integrative and mainstream medical professionals; fitness trainers; athletic coaches; athletes, personal development for emotional intelligence & emotional coherence; students; the elderly, hospitals & their employees, and long-term care facilities.

Creativity as Your Personal Well-being Strategy:

This workshop is a multi-modality exploration of your personal creative gifts through music, art, dance, creative writing, and photography.

Workshop Length: 6 hours over three sessions

This workshop is designed for: Business professionals, entrepreneurs, health & wellness professionals, artists, writers, journalists, actors, dancers, magicians, musicians, singers, photographers, sociologists, museums & galleries, the film industry, parents, grand-parents, teachers, and personal development.

Stand Like Mountain, Flow Like Water:

This self-paced program offers a comprehensive overview of insights, theories and wisdom on the topic of stress and human spirituality. The course is based on the chapters from the best-selling book, Stand Like Mountain, Flow Like Water, by Dr Brian Luke Seaward.

Workshop Length: 10 lessons (Self-Paced)

This workshop is designed for: Mental health professionals, holistic nurses, health & wellness practitioners, therapists, meditation practitioners, students, retired adult learners, politicians, corporations, healthcare organizations, schools & universities, teachers, yoga instructors, athletes, and personal development.

Integrative Pain Management for Chronic Pain:

Introduction to evidence-based therapies that have a physiologic basis including mind-body medicine, nutrition and dietary supplements, movement therapies, and acupuncture.

Program Length: 8 hours (4 weeks, 2 hours per week)

This workshop is designed for: Anyone experiencing chronic pain, nurses & practitioners working with patients with chronic pain, hospitals, long-term care facilities, athletic coaches & athletes, rehabilitation & physical therapists, OB/Gyn nurses, meditation practitioners, massage therapists, chiropractors, pain management clinics and practitioners.

For Additional Information Please Email Ms. Amy Dailey at


IHI is built on a foundation of collaboration with leaders from academic institutions, nursing and medical associations, health sciences, integrative and holistic nursing, holistic health and medicine, integrative health coaching, psychophysiology, neuroscience, resilience, breath science, learning, leadership, and trauma-informed therapies.

Integrative Health Institute

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