Services include:

  • Life-Long Learning Plans
  • Career Access incorporated into the curriculum
  • Career Portfolio
  • Digital Badges
  • 1 on 1 Career Advising
  • Life Skills
  • Field Experts
  • Professional Development
  • Leadership Training
  • Field Experience & Bootcamps
  • Mentoring
  • And Much, Much More!

Why Career Access?

In a recent survey, only 49% of employers believe college graduates are workforce ready (B. Busteed, Forbes, 2020).  In addition, fewer than 20% of college students reach out to a career center for advice on finding jobs. Even worse, while 80% of college students cite the prospect of getting a job as a critical factor in choosing a college, only 34% feel prepared to seek employment once enrolled (L. Fadulu, The Atlantic, 2018).

The Salem Difference

When students use the resources available, it works.  But unfortunately, as we can see from the statistics above, most students aren’t utilizing the career center.  Salem has integrated Career Access into the curriculum and isn’t just waiting for you to come to us.  We’re going to YOU

We’re working with our coaches and faculty to make sure students are using these resources.  We’re including it across all modalities. We believe in Career Access so much that we’ve integrated it into every stage of your college life.

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