Salem University provides academic advising by the deans and program directors or coordinators to all students. Advising may be initiated informally by calling, emailing, or visiting the program leaders, or more formally by arranging a conference call or in-person meeting. Faculty advisors serve as guides and will help students complete their educational programs and options. The advisor may refer the student to career advising, student services, SAS, or other support services as appropriate and as needed by the student.

In an effort to help you find your dream job, Career Services at Salem University helps provide you with individualized career advising. The one-on-one individualized attention can help you with:

Resume Writing:
Whether you have a resume that needs updating or you need to write one from scratch, we’ll help you design a product that sets you apart and helps you get your dream job.

Cover letter Writing:
Cover letters are an essential way for future employers to better understand what skills you bring to the job. Working with Career Services at Salem University helps you write a personalized cover letter which can help you get an interview for the jobs you’re interested in.

Interview Skills:
Many students get nervous thinking about the interview process, but we help relieve that stress by providing helpful hints on how to answer the most common interview questions. In addition, we help you feel more comfortable going into an interview through practice during our mock interviews.