The office of Student Support Advising serves all of Salem’s campus and distance education students. We focus on three aspects of student success: Student Learning, Student Engagement, and Student Satisfaction.

Student Learning focuses on the support and resources provided to students. These services include:

  • placement
  • assistance for students with disabilities
  • study skills
  • tutoring
  • test-taking skills
  • using the learning management system
  • time management
  • prioritization
  • general guidance to address various concerns raised by students.

Tutoring, the Writing Center, and other services are provided to help students improve their achievement.

Student Engagement focuses on student involvement in campus life, both inside and outside the classroom, to develop an integrated approach to the total student experience. Coordinated through the Dean of Student Life, student engagement includes various events, student organizations, co-curricular activities, community service, residence life, athletics and career advising. Student engagement builds on the eight dimensions of wellness:

  • social
  • educational
  • community
  • physical
  • spiritual
  • cultural
  • career services
  • emotional

Student Satisfaction addresses feedback from students regarding their perceptions of attending Salem. Satisfaction surveys are conducted each fall and spring semester, which give students a means to express their opinions of multiple aspects of university life. The collected data are used to inform changes that are expected to have a positive impact on the overall student experience.

Students can reach out to the team for support via or 304-326-1109, option 2.