Education is the bedrock of modern society, and right now, our education system needs effective leadership built on a foundation of integrity and equality of access. At every level, both public and private, schools are looking for the next generation of education administrators.

About Salem’s Online Master’s in Educational Leadership

For those teachers and educators ready to take their careers to the next level, our Master of Education program in Educational Leadership is designed to help you hone your leadership skills to step beyond the classroom. Our master’s in educational leadership degree is an accelerated program that will prepare you to become a principal, district supervisor, or superintendent at every academic level, from pre-kindergarten through adult. You can also take your master’s in educational leadership degree and education further by pursuing our post-master’s Certificate of Advanced Studies (CAS) in Educational Leadership or our Education Specialist (Ed.S.) in Educational Leadership degree program.

We’ve designed our master’s degree program to be entirely online, with a high-quality curriculum that aims to provide opportunities for professional growth and development, develop skills that allow you to conduct research and integrate theory and practice, and promote excellence in leadership, scholarship, work, and life. We do all of this within a framework that fits your current life and responsibilities with our unique, one-course-a-month schedule.

What Can I Do With a Master’s Degree in Educational Leadership?

A master’s in educational leadership prepares you to step into advanced leadership and administrative roles, like:

  • Principal
  • Vice Principal
  • District Supervisor
  • District Administrator
  • Superintendent
  • Assistant Superintendent

What Will I Learn in Salem’s M.Ed. in Educational Leadership?

Our master’s in educational leadership program emphasizes the development of practical skills and knowledge, focusing on topics and issues that will help you provide adequate school and district leadership. Students enrolled in this program will have the opportunity to participate in various clinical experiences throughout their courses, culminating in a semester-long internship focused on educational administration during the final year of the program.

Salem University’s long history as a university with an international and multicultural emphasis means you will have a truly global perspective to pull from as you tackle the problems and challenges of guiding a modern educational setting.

This master’s in educational leadership program offers you two different paths to licensure:

  • Principal Track — This 30-hour program consists of 11 months of coursework. Upon completion, it leads to licensure as a principal for educational institutions from pre-kindergarten to adult.
  • Full Certification Track — This 36-hour program consists of 15 months of coursework. Upon completion, it leads to licensure as principal, general supervisor, and superintendent for educational institutions ranging from pre-kindergarten to adult.

We align our master’s in educational leadership course content with West Virginia Professional Teaching Standards (WVPTS), as well as the Educational Leadership Constituent Council (ELCC), Praxis® Test 5412 Content Topics, the International Society for Technology Education (ISTE) Standards for Teachers, and the International Society for Technology Education (ISTE) Standards for Administrators.

You will learn how to:

  • Facilitate the development, articulation, implementation, and stewardship of shared school and district visions of learning through the collection and use of data to identify school administration and district goals and assess organizational effectiveness.
  • Sustain school and district cultures and instructional programs conducive to student learning through collaboration, trust, and a personalized learning environment with high expectations for students.
  • Ensure the management of a school and district’s organization, operation, and resources through monitoring and evaluating the management and operational systems.
  • Collaborate with faculty and community members, responding to diverse community interests and needs and mobilizing community resources.
  • Act with integrity, fairness, and ethics to ensure accountability for every student’s academic and social success. 
  • Model school and district principles of self-awareness, reflective practice, transparency, and ethical behavior.

What Educational Leadership Classes Will I Take for My Master’s Degree?

The M.Ed. in Educational Leadership requires the successful completion of 30 post-bachelor’s credits to qualify for principal licensure or 36 post-bachelor’s credits to qualify for principal, district supervisor, and superintendent licensure. Your master’s in educational leadership courses will include:

  • EDU505 Research Methods
  • EDU570 Curriculum Development
  • EDU580 Analysis and Evaluation of Instruction
  • EDU640 Public School Finance and Administrative Applications
  • EDU655 Professional Development Leadership
  • EDU670 Instructional Leadership
  • EDU691 Technology Competencies for Educational Leaders
  • EDU652 School, District, and Community Leadership
  • EDU680 School Law and Administrative Applications
  • EDU664 Professional Practices of the Principal
  • EDU674 Professional Practices of the District Supervisor (Full Track Only)
  • EDU684 Professional Practices of the Superintendent (Full Track Only)

How Long Will It Take to Get My M.Ed. in Educational Leadership?

On average, a full-time student can earn their master’s in educational leadership in approximately 12 months. However, we recognize that every student is different and has different circumstances. Please contact one of our admissions advisors to discuss your specific questions and goals.

Why Should I Choose Salem University?

Since 1888, Salem University has built upon our tradition of accessible, affordable higher education by constantly innovating and looking to the future. We aim to develop lifelong learners who embrace problem-solving with a global perspective. We offer:

  • Accelerated undergraduate and graduate programs of study with continuous enrollment via distance education or on-campus
  • A unique one-course-a-month format that allows students to focus on a single subject at a time and build their knowledge in a way that feels natural
  • Online courses are structured to work within the constraints of full-time employment, allowing you to earn your degree with minimum disruption to your busy schedule.
  • Supportive faculty and staff who serve as thought leaders and mentors
  • A beautiful 100-acre campus situated in the Smoky Mountains where programs of study are available for campus residents and commuter students

Admission Requirements

Admission to Salem is open to all qualified applicants regardless of race, color, creed, religion, gender, sexual orientation, national origin, or ability/disability. Anyone wishing to attend Salem can obtain the necessary application from the Office of Admissions or apply online. The completed application should be submitted to the Office of Admissions at the earliest possible date. The University admits students on a rolling, monthly start basis. Acceptance is at the discretion of Salem University; some programs have additional admission requirements.

The Salem School of Education is nationally accredited under the National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education (NCATE) Standards through the CAEP accreditation system. The Master of Education in Educational Leadership program is approved by the West Virginia Department of Education and is nationally recognized by the Educational Leadership Constituent Council (ELCC). This designation will facilitate a more effective path to licensure in your home state.

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