Since our founding in 1888, Salem University has been dedicated to making higher education degrees accessible and affordable to learners wherever they may be. We are proud of our long history, but we have always been focused on where the future of higher education is taking us, which is why we have embraced all of the possibilities online learning has to offer. In keeping with our central mission for providing student-centered opportunities in higher education, we offer 100% fully online degree programs, including associate degrees, bachelor’s degrees, master’s degrees, and post-master’s certificates in areas like Business Administration, Nursing, Criminal Justice, Education, Information Technology, Computer Science, and more.

Quality Online Education

Our online degree programs are the same as our campus-based programs and meet the same rigorous academic standards, the only difference is in the delivery — learning online. Our programs are designed to be relevant to the needs of today’s employers. They are career-forward and focused on developing the knowledge and personal skills you need to find success in your chosen career field. In addition, there is opportunity to transfer course credit for your work experience. This means less course work and investment for you! Online learning isn’t a fallback — it’s the future of higher education, and our degree programs reflect that.  

In a Supportive Environment

Technology has made it more possible than ever before to get the support you need without necessarily having to step onto campus. Our online degree programs connect you with faculty and staff who are there to advise and help you along your online learning journey, including a dedicated student success advisor who will help you strategize the best plan for your online education, from enrollment to graduation.

Designed to Fit You

The most important element of online education is how it can meet each student where they are. Whether you are already in your chosen field and looking to advance your skills, just starting out, or trying to switch career paths, online degree programs provide the chance for a fresh start without having to upend your life. They can be accessed on your time and your schedule, and Salem’s innovative one-course-a-month schedule allows you to focus on one class at a time and move at a pace that better fits into your life. From pursuing a certificate in business administration to earning your education degree online, we are here for you.

Online education at Salem University combines the best of both worlds — legacy and tradition with forward-thinking and innovative learning. Contact us talk to us about our fully online degree programs and how we can help you build a better future.