To aid Alderson Broaddus students during such a difficult time, Salem University will be offering a tuition discount regardless of their state residency. Please contact our admissions office by phone, (844) 462-9128, or

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Looking to Transfer to Salem?

Did you know? By transferring the maximum number of credits into your bachelor’s degree – up to 90 total credit hours* – you may already be a senior! Connect with an enrollment counselor today to see how quickly you can complete your bachelor’s degree using our transfer friendly degree options. To get started, view our admissions requirements for the school you are interested in attending.

*The 90 hours may include credits from community and technical colleges, credit-by-exam, prior learning experiences, or the Joint Service Transcript. Please review the Academic Catalog for complete requirements.

Transferring from a Community College

If you’re ready to turn your associate degree into one of our online bachelor’s degrees, learn more about how Salem University can help you maximize your transfer credits. Also, if you attended one of our partners below you may be eligible for a tuition discount and specialized articulations.

Transfer Credit Agreements

  • IVY Tech Community College
  • Owens Community College
  • Eastern Gateway Community College
  • Pierpoint Community and Technical College
  • Northwestern College
  • Glenville State College
  • Baltimore City Community College
  • Blude Ridge Community and Technical College
  • Community College of Southern MD
  • Terra State Community College
  • Southern WV CTC

For more information on our transfer agreements, please contact us at or call 317-794-2546.
Have questions? Reach out to a Salem University Enrollment Counselor! They’ll be able to answer your questions and help you accurately calculate the credits you’re eligible to transfer.

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