These days, the business world can’t function without technology, and one of the most pressing areas of concern — and the biggest opportunities for growth — is cybersecurity. Businesses and organizations need to keep their information secure, and they’re looking for skilled professionals who can help them do it.

About Salem’s Business Admin and Cybersecurity Bachelor’s Degree

At Salem University, the goal of our Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with a specialization in Cybersecurity is to provide you with the foundation to build a lifelong career as an information security professional. Learn the skills, technical know-how, and abilities you need to play a key role in the security of data and information systems within the scope of the business world.. Students can pursue their bachelor’s in business admin and cybersecurity degree on our campus in Salem, West Virginia, or fully online. This BSBA can also be a great stepping off point toward getting your Master of Business Administration or your Master of Science in Information Technology. 

We’ve designed our bachelor’s degree curriculum with the goal of providing a high-quality education that prepares you for lifelong learning. We aim to develop your leadership and problem-solving skills and encourage all of our students to read critically, ask appropriate questions, gather information, and apply critical analysis. And we do all of this within a framework that fits into your current life and responsibilities with our unique, one-course-a-month schedule. Salem offers STEM Designated Degree Programs identified by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, signaling their importance to the nation and the world.

What Can I Do With a Business Admin and Cybersecurity Bachelor’s Degree?

A bachelor’s degree with an emphasis in cybersecurity can help you prepare for entry-level employment in careers like:

  • Technical Support Specialist
  • Network Security Analyst
  • Cybersecurity Specialist
  • Intelligence Analysis
  • Inspection, Investigation, and Compliance
  • Computer Forensics Analyst
  • Operations and Maintenance Manager

What Will I Learn in Salem’s Business Admin and Cybersecurity Bachelor’s Degree?

Whether you earn your on-campus or online cybersecurity degree, you will learn from the ground up, starting with the fundamentals of business administration, management, financial management, international business, marketing, statistics, and human resource management. The foundational knowledge is combined with a general education framework that incorporates written and oral communication skills, critical-thinking skills, technological proficiencies, leadership skills, and more. We also include an international component that focuses on global information, awareness, and perspectives. All of this is brought together in a capstone course and a hands-on practicum that gives you the opportunity to apply what you’ve learned.

In your specialized cybersecurity courses, you will cover topics like:

  • Legal and practical aspects of data collection and digital evidence and the techniques and skillsets involved, including proxies, firewalls, vulnerability assessments, and volatile and persistent data
  • Networking theory and concepts within the context of common network environments, from small corporate offices to more complex enterprise networking models
  • The basics of computer network security and security research, including basic cryptography, cryptanalysis, and system security
  • The proper implementation of information security systems using a layered approach to protect assets from malware, viruses, cybercrime, social engineering, DDoS, hacking, and more

What Business Admin and Cybersecurity Degree Classes Will I Take?

Both our on-campus and online cybersecurity degree programs require the completion of 75 foundational and elective credits, as well as 30 core business admin credits that include:

  • ACC111 Principles of Accounting
  • ACC112 Principles of Accounting 2
  • BUS323 Commercial Law Salem
  • FIN344 Corporate Finance
  • FIN345 Corporate Finance 2
  • MGT210 Principles of Management
  • MGT361 Management Information Systems
  • MGT363 Organizational Theory
  • MGT499 Senior Capstone Project
  • MKT231 Principles of Marketing

You will also take 15 credits in the cybersecurity degree specialization:

  • IT405 Computer Forensics
  • IT410 Enterprise Networking
  • IT420 Information Systems Security
  • IT425 Advanced Cybersecurity
  • IT450 Special Topics

How Long Will It Take to Get My Business Admin — Cybersecurity Bachelor’s Degree?

On average, a full-time student can earn their on-campus or online cybersecurity degree in approximately 40 months. However, we recognize every student is different, with different circumstances. It’d be best to contact one of our admissions advisors to discuss your specific questions and goals.


This course is accredited by ACBSP.

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