Feel like you may need a little extra prep for a test, help with a paper, or insights on key concepts? On campus or online, tutoring is one of the many student support resources we have for all of our learners.

Tutoring Services at Salem University

Tutoring services are available for all students and can be arranged by contacting the Office of Student Advancement and Success (SAS) at support@salemu.edu. Tutoring services are provided for both on-campus and distance education students through Tutor.com.

Faculty Tutoring

Faculty members may also engage in tutoring. Tutoring usually involves an extended tutor-student interaction that often extends to identifying and remediating areas of prior learning needs. As such, while Salem understands tutoring supports student learning, the expectations for student progression and delivery of the current course content mitigate the time and attention that an instructor can devote as a tutor.

Campus Study Halls

On campus, virtual, afternoon, and evening tutoring hours may also be arranged as study halls. Individual tutoring for distance education students may be arranged upon request online. Students may request tutoring by contacting SAS at support@salemu.edu.

Online Tutoring

Tutor.com is a tutoring service available for selected courses and a wide variety of subjects each month at no additional cost to students. Tutoring is available 24/7 via the Internet for students taking courses by any modality, from anywhere. In addition to 1000s of online resources through Tutor.com, students have access to 1-to-1 tutoring online each month from Tutor.com’s Live Tutoring options.

Salem also provides online tutoring via the Writing Center, which offers faculty-led support to improve students’ academic writing and research skills. Students may request tutoring by contacting SAS at support@salemu.edu.