With computers so completely embedded in the modern world, it should come as no surprise that a computer science education is a sound investment in a future career. From programming, to database architecture and administration, to software development, the United States is expected to add well over half a million jobs in the field of computers through 2030.

For over 130 years, Salem University has been focused on delivering affordable, accessible higher education programs to our students. We offer bachelor’s and associate degree programs in computer science. Explore our offerings below.

Associate Degree Programs in Computer Science

For those looking to take their first step into the world of computer science, Salem’s Associate of Science in Computer Science degree program can ready you for entry-level jobs in this field. Choose to learn either on-campus at our school in West Virginia or through our fully supported online school and gain a foundational knowledge about everything from programming languages to software applications. Upon graduation, you can either step into the workforce or apply what you learned in this program toward advanced studies.

Computer Science Bachelor’s Degree Programs

At Salem, we recognize the field of computer science is dynamic and growing rapidly. That’s why, in our Bachelor of Science in Computer Science degree program, we prepare you for your future career by teaching a combination of theoretical and practical skills and knowledge, so that you have the tools you need to create solutions. We cover topics like computer science principles, software architectures, database management, operating systems, networking, project management, and more—all with the goal of helping you become a qualified computer science professional. And we put everything in a real-world context, so that our students are ready to address global business opportunities and challenges.