Criminal Justice

15 Aug

How Much Does a Forensic Scientist Make?

Forensic science was popularized by hit shows like “CSI.” But forensic science isn’t just a story element in Hollywood productions; it’s an important methodology for bringing criminals …

11 Aug

How To Become a Crime Scene Investigator

If you’re intrigued by a potential career in law enforcement as well as forensic science, you could be an excellent candidate for a job as a crime scene …

11 Aug

How to Become a Crime Analyst

A career as a crime analyst is an excellent way to exercise your analytical prowess while supporting the criminal justice system. This job requires the use …

10 Aug

What Is Administration of Justice?

The sheer number of people needed to keep the wheels of justice turning in the US is staggering, to say the least. While this …

11 Oct

Partnerships with Criminal Justice Agencies

By Dr. Camm Lounsbury Director, Criminal Justice If one looks across the criminal justice system, we can find hundreds of agencies committed to the …

26 May

Why Get a Master’s Degree in Criminal Justice?

More than 30 years ago, when I first started my career in law enforcement, a high school degree or associate’s degree in criminal justice …

19 Apr

Why Earn a Degree in Criminal Justice?

Dr. Camm Lounsbury Associate Provost Director of Criminal Justice Jobs in criminal justice have obviously been around a long, long while. From ancient Romans …

15 Oct

MSIT Series: Cybersecurity and the New Frontlines

One of the most challenging aspects of discussing the field of information technology is how broad it is and how many different facets it …

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