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Whether you are looking to pursue a master’s degree in order to achieve a higher-level position within your field or you are looking to take your career down a new path, you may discover the field of health and human performance during your research. What is health and human performance? This up-and-coming field prioritizes data collection and scientific study within the field of exercise science, allowing graduates to pursue actionable careers in sports, recreation, nutrition and wellness.

Unique Features of a Health and Human Performance Major

You may find yourself wondering, “What is a health and human performance major?” At Salem University, we offer an innovative master’s degree in health and human performance that takes an evidence-based approach to exercise science.

This is not a standard degree program offered by a wide range of colleges and universities. As a niche program, you will find that it allows you to:

Understand the Impact of Nutrition and Diet

Students enrolled in this degree program will not only learn about anatomy, physiology and kinesiology but they will also take a deep dive into the impact that diet and nutrition have on the body. By blending health and wellness with the science of exercise, the HHP master’s degree program allows students to make nuanced connections between nutritional health and exercise performance.

Gain Knowledge in Injury Prevention and Rehabilitation

An HHP degree program takes the field of kinesiology one step further by providing students with evidence-based insight into the best practices for injury prevention and rehabilitation. Our skills-based curriculum allows students to become familiar with the best injury prevention and rehabilitation techniques, allowing them to pursue a wide variety of careers after graduation.

Analyze the Effects of Exercise on the Human Body

From conditioning to physical therapy, this degree program takes a comprehensive look at the impact of exercise on the human body and how professionals can optimize exercise programs to benefit individual patients and clients.

Develop Leadership and Communication Skills

Embedded within the program is soft skill development that focuses heavily on leadership and communication skills. These transferable skills can be applied in any professional position, giving graduates an advantage when they begin searching for jobs.

Opportunities for Internships

Students in the program can pursue internship opportunities that allow them to explore career options in the health and wellness industry as well as gain the professional experience needed to secure a job after graduation.

Benefit From Experienced Faculty and Advisors

All courses are taught by industry thought leaders and experienced professionals, and students benefit directly from their experience and insight. Faculty members provide nuanced course material and relevant instruction and can provide students with personalized guidance based on their goals and aspirations.

Career Opportunities for HHP Graduates

HHP graduates can explore a wide range of career opportunities, thanks to the broad scope of the curriculum and the skill set developed throughout the program. Many graduates pursue career opportunities in health and wellness, nutrition, physical education or exercise science.

Career Opportunities in Kinesiology

Graduates who are passionate about sports medicine or exercise science may be interested in pursuing career opportunities in kinesiology. Kinesiology is the study of movement, and some of the top career opportunities for those interested in the kinesiology field include:

  • Health educator
  • Physical trainer
  • Athletic program developer
  • Dietitian

Health Promotion and Recreation Program Designers

After earning their degree, health and human performance graduates have a unique understanding of the impact of exercise on the body, and they fully recognize that every individual requires a personalized program to achieve the best possible results. As a result, they are uniquely prepared to pursue jobs in health promotion and recreation program design, where they will create customized programs for a specific population.

Coaching Opportunities in High School and College Athletics

By combining their passion for physical education with exercise science, graduates can consider coaching at the high school or collegiate level. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, coaches work to develop the players on their team and achieve success while developing recruiting strategies to grow their programs.

Personal Trainer or Fitness Instructor

Those who want to share their knowledge and insight with others and empower them with the tools they need to live a healthy lifestyle may be interested in pursuing a career as a personal trainer or fitness instructor. Personal trainers and fitness instructors often work with clients in an individual or group setting to teach them the best ways to exercise to achieve their personal wellness goals.

Corporate Wellness Coordinator

Graduates with an HHP master’s degree can successfully launch a career as a corporate wellness coordinator, where they will work to develop wellness programs for corporations and businesses that address the individual needs of their employees. Corporate wellness programs often focus on nutrition, physical well-being and mental health.

Health Education Specialist

Health education specialists may work in a variety of settings, ranging from school buildings to large corporations. They work to develop engaging and impactful education programs catered to a target audience. The education programs that they design may vary based on the age or demographic of the intended audience.

Rehabilitation Specialist or Physical Therapist Assistant

Those with a master’s degree in health and human performance may be able to find work as a rehabilitation specialist or physical therapy assistant. These professionals work to assist physical therapists and often have an opportunity to work directly with clients to implement their care plans.

Community Health Worker or Outreach Coordinator

Community health workers or outreach coordinators work to bring health and wellness resources to a specific population, typically working with groups or communities that are underserved or underrepresented. Ultimately, they work to connect people with the health and wellness resources they need to live more productive and fulfilling lives.

Nutritionist or Dietitian

A human performance degree takes an in-depth look at nutrition and its overall impact on the human body, allowing graduates to consider professional opportunities as a nutritionist or dietitian. Nutritionists and dietitians work to develop food service programs that are beneficial and appealing to a target population.

Why Choose a Major in Health and Human Performance?

As you are considering your options and trying to decide which degree program is best for your career goals and personal aspirations, you may want to choose a health and human performance degree because you will:

Gain Hands-On Learning Experiences

This skills-based curriculum is designed to provide you with hands-on learning experiences to help you develop the technical and practical skills needed to pursue a career in health and wellness.

Diversity of Career Options

The broad scope of the health and human performance degree program allows you to consider a wide range of career options. Whether you want to work as an athletic trainer or personal fitness instructor or are interested in developing nutritional programs for schools, this degree program will prepare you for a long and rewarding career.

Impactful and Rewarding Work

This field allows you to empower people with the skills, tools and knowledge they need to live long and fulfilling lives, making it a particularly gratifying option.

Boost Earning Potential

Earning a master’s degree in health and human performance may help you increase your earning potential over time. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, professionals with a master’s degree earn an average salary of $1,661 per week, while those with a bachelor’s degree earn an average of $1,432 per week.

Earn Your Health and Human Performance Degree Today!

At Salem University, we offer a Master of Science in Health and Human Performance that uniquely prepares graduates for a dynamic career in health and wellness. Our rigorous, in-depth curriculum focuses not only on data collection and technical tools that enhance the health and wellness field but also allows students to develop the core competencies required for this industry.

Request more information about our HHP master’s degree program today.

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