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Instructor: Bruce Cryer, MA
Cost: $249; Student $149
Next course: TBD

Have you noticed how it’s been getting harder and harder to feel great energy and sustain it through a day or a week? Have you gotten the “proper number of hours” of sleep only to wake up still exhausted?

You’re not alone. Stress has become far more prevalent and chronic than ever, as has the need for practical tools and techniques you can learn easily to reduce stress while increasing energy and vitality.

Since 1991, the HeartMath Institute has demonstrated powerful discoveries rooted in how we spend our energy so we can increase vitality. Key to the HeartMath system is an advanced understanding of Heart Rate Variability, a fundamental measure of overall well-being. Practice of the HeartMath techniques improves heart rate variability through increasing emotional self-regulation skills, leading to life-changing shifts in energy and vitality throughout the lifespan.

Join us for three informative and practical sessions as we dive into these powerful energy-boosting techniques that can dramatically reduce stress, reset your system and refresh your access to joyful energy and youthful vitality.

What You Will Learn:

  • How to prevent, neutralize & recover from stressful episodes
  • How to build new habits to increase energy every day
  • Eliminating energy-eaters
  • The power of emotional self-regulation
  • Ensuring high quality sleep
  • Immune system support for every day life

Instructor: Bruce Cryer, MA
Cost: $249; Student $149
Next course: TBD

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