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Instructor: Bruce Cryer, MA
Cost: $299; Student $199
Next Course: TBD

Build your personalized well-being strategy using your own Creativity!

Every human being is born with the power to create life. That energy is inside everyone allowing them to create health, well-being, success and fulfillment in all walks of life. Sadly, most of us had our creative impulses discouraged by parents, siblings, teachers, colleagues or bosses. And yet all of us realize there is so much more we could become.

In Creativity as Your Personal Well-Being Strategy, you will learn how to tap your innate creativity to successfully handle life’s issues, such as work problems and relationship issues, and find more JOY! You will learn tips, tools, and practices to awaken your creative brilliance.

This four-session, 8-hour course is a multi-modality exploration of your personal creative gifts—gifts you may not even know you have—utilizing music, art, dance, creative writing, and photography. 

Your instructor, Bruce Cryer, will share current trends in emotional well-being, immune function, resilience, longevity, disease prevention, and optimal health as he shepherds students in exploring their creativity.  He will also share his insights — as a former professional actor, singer, dancer, photographer, and writer — on how being creative boosts immune and cognitive function and is great for mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual health.

What You Will Learn:

  • Why Mindfulness is key to recognizing creative impulses and when to stretch out of your comfort zone
  • How daily Movement can dissolve barriers to creative flow, whether in business or creative projects
  • How Nature can be a daily Catalyst to awaken your creative energy
  • Why a spirit of Playfulness ignites creativity every time
  • How exploring your own Artistic Expression builds new neural circuits for creativity

“I have never considered myself CREATIVE. Now I feel Empowered to continue to put my feelings to paper with poetry, and I can even learn to sing as I enter my 8th decade. I truly feel blessed to have attended this life changing class.”


Instructor: Bruce Cryer, MA
Cost: $299; Student $199
Next Course: TBD

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