Cooperating Teacher Dispositions of Residence Students 

Teacher candidates are evaluated based upon the required components for teacher preparation and readiness in Graph 2A, demonstrating the satisfaction of those key stakeholders. In the Initial Level these are some of the many key issues for student demonstration regarding the classroom, students, other teachers, administration, and community. 


Site Supervisors Dispositions of Students 

The Advanced Level Candidate Survey gathers information from their site supervisors that addresses the student’s preparation experiences, self-evaluation, and willingness to serve to help other candidates in the future as per the following. 

Questions- Survey provided to Candidate Site Supervisors (see below) 

1-Since you have been a site supervisor for one of our internship students previously, would you say that the student was prepared for the internship? 87% stated the candidates were well prepared; 13% had concerns about their preparation. 

2-Are there any changes that you would like to see in our internship program based upon your experiences? 83% stated no changes only , .9% thought student was not prepared, and 16.1% felt the course was too difficult. 

3-Would you say the internship program at Salem University prepared the intern for that role in your setting? Graph 2B 


4-Would you recommend the Salem University Educational Leadership Program to others? Graph 2C 

93% of respondents stated yes, with only 7% stating: maybe.

5- Would you like to serve as a member of the Salem University Graduate Program Advisory Team? 57% stated: yes, with 47% stating: no thank you. 

6- Do you have any additional comments that you would like to make about our program?  Additional comments: great program, educational professionals learn best by doing, the course prepared me for the internship, and I enjoyed having a Salem intern. 

Candidates at the Advanced Level are required to take the Praxis #5412 as a programmatic assessment and culminating activity. In Graph 3A below, these scores demonstrate the success of the candidates in the Advanced Level programs at Salem University in comparison to State and National levels for a period of three years. 

In a further breakdown of the Advanced Level Candidates’ Praxis#5412 scores into the individual skills set provides a look of how successful candidates are in comparison to State and National scores. See Graph 3B below that shows these comparisons for the 2021-2022 school term. 

Categories for the Praxis #5412 Scores for 2021-22 . Category-#1– Strategic Leadership ( missions, visions, goals, core values ,) #2- Instructional Leadership (professional development, rigorous curriculum, assessment, accountability,) #3 Climate and Cultural Leadership (community of care, support for teachers, equity, cultural responsiveness,) #4 Ethical Leadership (ethical, legal, behaviors, accountability, social justice values diversity,) #5 Organizational Leadership ( managing systems, aligning resources, obtaining resources, protecting the safety of students and staff) and #6 – Community Engagement Leadership (collaborate with families, maximizing community resources, and community needs and interest.) See Graph 3B. 

The Initial Level graduates(undergraduate students) numbers have decreased in recent years. The programs available to students Initial Level graduates has undergone some major changes with the availability of the educational degrees. Graph 3C, demonstrates at times there were no graduates from the Initial Level Programs. Since 2021-2022, Salem University has been offering basically Physical Education and English degrees to the Initial Level Licensure student due to low enrollment. 

The Advanced Level (graduate students) numbers have decreased in recent years.  In Graph 3D, some of the areas of the Advanced level had few students while others, especially in the field of Educational Leadership, had numbers much higher. Salem University prides itself with our Advanced Studies Programs for many of the state educational leaders in West Virginia are graduates of Salem University. 


A survey conducted of Salem University Advanced Level graduates found a high percentage of graduates feel that they were well prepared for their desired field of study position. However, only forty-six percent of those graduate candidates are currently working in the field for which they prepared through Salem University’s programs. 

Survey of Graduate Candidates  

1 – Do you feel that the graduate program that you participated in at Salem University prepared you for your desired position?  92% stated felt prepared. 

2 – Are you currently employed in a position that your graduate program at Salem University prepared you for? 46% are currently employed in position prepare and 54% currently not employed in positions for which they were trained. 

3 – How would you rate your overall program at Salem University? See Graph 4A. 

On a scale of 1 to 5, with 5 being the best rating and 1 being the worst, graduates from the Advanced Level Programs ranked Salem with an average of 4.31 out of possible 5 points. See Graph 4A. 


4 – Would you recommend the Salem University to other professionals as yourself? 100% of those participating stated that they would recommend the Salem Program. 

5 – What program were you in at Salem University Graduate School? Graph 4B. 


The Graph 4B represents the various programs that candidates who responded to the survey represented at the Advanced Level Programs.