Proud of Our Tradition

We’ve been providing high-quality, career-building liberal arts degree programs since 1888. That’s more than 125 years of helping students just like you – from business pros to politicians – prepare for better, brighter futures.

Student Centered

At the center of all we do is our commitment to student success. You will have a student success advisor that will partner with you as you chart your course, and progress to your ultimate destination – your college graduation.

A Vibrant Campus Community

Our campus is powered by student life and is full of the energy that comes with being a proud student oriented institution. Our sports teams compete in NCAA Div. II, our library is ready for a study session, and our student organizations build connectivity.


Our unique one course per month format allows you to focus on one class at a time – and move forward at an accelerated pace.


Salem University staff and fellow students will become an important part of your network, and your life. You will be taking one of the most important journeys of your life as you pursue a college education. We want you to know, we have your back. We have been doing this 130 years and we know how to help students succeed.

Academic Quality

Our programs are well respected and fully accredited. Curriculum is focused and career relevant, and designed to take you further.