Take your criminal justice career to the next level with Salem’s Master of Science in Criminal Justice degree program. We dig deeper into the theories, policies, and management techniques and challenge our students to re-think current practices and procedures. Our capstone courses help our students learn how to make decisions with integrity, informed by economic, legal, ethical, and global perspectives. Our aim at Salem is to give graduates the skills to reinvent and reimagine the future of criminal justice.

About This Program

The 10-month, 30-credit Master of Science in Criminal Justice-Criminal Justice Administration specialization has been designed to incorporate courses that ensure the student who successfully completes the program has demonstrated his/her academic strengths in leadership, public policy and decision-making skills that contribute to being a successful manager or administrator within a criminal justice organization including police, courts and corrections. Upon graduation, you should be able to:

  • Analyze criminological theory within the context of current research findings to identify ways to improve decision-making or to implement new practices or procedures.
  • Evaluate criminal justice policies to critique both intended and unintended consequences and the ethical principles in current criminal justice management and practices.
  • Create researchable questions and apply appropriate statistical methods to improve evidence-based decision-making.
  • Distinguish unique management problems and challenges in the field of criminal justice, offering support for administrative policy-making.

This program prepares students for career paths and duties as:

  • Patrol Supervisor
  • Lieutenant
  • Precinct Captain
  • Unit Manager
  • Associate Warden
  • Warden
  • Day Reporting Center Manager
  • Crisis and Transition Services Specialist

Course Format

Salem offers accelerated undergraduate and graduate programs of study with continuous enrollment via distance education or on ground at our Salem, West Virginia campus. Courses are delivered in a monthly format (4-weeks) and completed on ground, online, or through a blended approach that uses both delivery methods. Online courses are structured to work within the constraints of full-time employment, allowing you to earn your degree with minimum disruption to your busy schedule. Traditional on ground programs of study are available for campus residents and commuter students.

Course Numbers/Name

  • The MSCJ program includes the following core courses:
  • CJU505 – Criminological Theory
  • CJU510 – Research Methods in Criminal Justice
  • CJU515 – Criminal Justice Policy Analysis
  • CJU520 – Ethics in Criminal Justice Management
  • CJU535 – Management in Criminal Justice Organizations
  • CJU598 – Research Project in Criminal Justice
  • CJU599 – Capstone