Getting a biology degree is a great foundation for a wide variety of careers. With growing opportunities in everything from agriculture to environmental science, microbiology to human wellness and nutrition, the possibilities are endless.

For over 130 years, Salem University has combined our long history of higher education with a focus on the future to prepare our graduates for the modern world. We offer both bachelor’s and associate degree programs in biology. Explore our offerings below.

Biology Bachelor’s Degree Programs

With the Bachelor of Science in Biology degree program from Salem University, students have access to a rigorous curriculum that will develop critical thinking skills and a strong understanding of the scientific method. Using modern, evidence-based approached to discover information and solve problems, our biology students explore global science issues, human nutrition and pathophysiology, intersections of chemistry and physics with biology, and more. This degree program prepares you for entry-level employment in a related field or can get you ready for advanced studies in medical school, veterinary school, or other master’s and doctoral programs.

Those who enroll in our bachelor’s degree program in biology can choose to specialize in:

Biology Associate Degree Programs

An associate degree provides an ideal foundation for those looking to either start a completely new career or expand the opportunities available to them. With our Associate of Science in Biology degree program, you’ll take a focused set of courses over a shorter period of time, allowing you to better understand and build on this area of the life sciences. By developing strong knowledge and skills related to the scientific method, you can leverage an associate degree in biology toward an entry-level job position or advanced undergraduate and graduate degrees.

If you are interested in learning more about the biology degree programs offered by Salem University, please contact us today. Our admissions staff would be happy to answer any questions you have and discuss the opportunities Salem has to offer.