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RN-BSN Program

Caring. Diversity. Integrity. Excellence. These are Salem International University’s four core nursing values—and as a Registered Nurse, they are most likely your values, too. Continue your nursing journey with us. Our Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree completion program offers you the opportunity to prepare for new opportunities and greater levels of responsibility in your career.

Available online, the Bachelor of Science in Nursing is an accelerated, 20-month program in which you take one class a month.

Objectives of This Program

As a graduate of our RN to BSN program, you should be prepared to:

  • Practice evidence-based nursing through the appropriate use of research and statistics
  • Care for patients from diverse backgrounds across the lifespan
  • Understand principles of community nursing
  • Understand theories and strategies for effective nursing management
  • Continue lifelong learning as part of your self-directed professional development after graduation

Career Opportunities

Earning your Bachelor of Science in Nursing can help prepare you for new roles, such as:

  • Community nursing
  • School nursing
  • Case management
  • Research nursing
  • Nursing management
  • Clinical nurse education

Program of Study

Our degree completion program consists of 30 credits of nursing education and 30 credits of general education. General education courses you take may vary depending upon your previous coursework during your associate’s degree.

Core Nursing Courses:
  • NUR401 Professional Role Transition
  • NUR402 Health Assessment
  • NUR403 Nursing Research
  • NUR404 Nursing Ethics
  • NUR405 Complex Health Problems
  • NUR406 Evidence-Based Practice
  • NUR407 Special Topics/Problems in Nursing
  • NUR408 Nursing Management and Leadership
  • NUR409A Community Nursing Capstone
  • NUR409B Community Nursing Capstone

It takes five consecutive academic semesters of 12 semester credit hours each or 3 credit hours per month to complete the program—20 months in total. The Community Nursing Capstone includes a comprehensive examination that must be passed in order to graduate.

Course Format

SIU offers the Bachelor of Science in Nursing online. We offer you:

  • Practical, professional nursing education curriculum
  • Accelerated course progressions that offer intense engagement with content
  • An opportunity to connect with our diverse, supportive learning community
  • Clinically-experienced faculty who can offer you meaningful insights and advice

Course Descriptions

NUR401 – Professional Role Transition (3 Credits)
This course focuses on the changing role of the nursing professional. Topics include the role of the nurse manager and nursing interventions to support clients and their families with acute and long-term health problems.

NUR402 – Health Assessment (3 Credits)
This course focuses on the assessment of the client’s health overall, including health history, health patterns, and physical examination. Topics include interviewing techniques, recording accurate data, and presenting health assessments both in writing and orally. Prerequisite: NUR401.

NUR403 – Nursing Research (3 Credits)
This course focuses the theory and practice of research in nursing and medicine. Topics include a review of descriptive and inferential statistics, including case studies of publications. The goal is ensure students are able to interpret research findings that are presented in the professional literature. Prerequisite: Math 140 or Statistics, NUR401.

NUR404 – Nursing Ethics (3 Credits)
This course focuses on historical and contemporary foundations of professional nursing with the aim of understanding the ethics involved in providing health care to benefit the individual and society. Topics include patient privacy, the rights of individuals participating in research, advocacy for patients considering genetic testing, and working with patients with HIV/AIDS, as well as special problems in the care of infants, the elderly, and those patients who are terminally ill. Prerequisite: NUR403.

NUR405 – Complex Health Problems (3 Credits)
This course focuses on care of adult clients with acute and complex health problems. The emphasis of the course is enhancing the critical problem-solving skills necessary for making nursing judgments and providing effective care. Students will focus on understanding the client’s development stage, psychological needs, and cultural issues, in the context of the critical care environment. Prerequisite: NUR404.

NUR406 – Evidence-Based Practice (3 Credits)
This course addresses the dual challenges of the ever increasing volume of professional literature and their diverse forms of knowledge presented in the literature, many of which are not amenable to direct implementation in practice. The goal of the course is to enable the student to meaningfully incorporate current research findings in their support for clients with acute and long-term health needs. Prerequisite: NUR405.

NUR407 – Special Topics/Problems in Nursing (3 Credits)
This course focuses on contemporary issues that affect the nursing profession in the U.S. and internationally. Topics are selected by the faculty to ensure the international perspective is addressed with attention to global health issues and international differences in health care delivery and financing. Prerequisite: NUR406.

NUR408 – Nursing Management and Leadership (3 Credits)
This course focuses on dynamic role of nurses as managers and leaders in health care settings. Topics include the characteristics of leaders in the clinical setting, including communication, effective decision-making, the use and abuse of power and politics, and handling stress. Topics also cover general management including financial management, employee performance evaluations and coaching, corporate culture and change. Prerequisite: NUR407.

NUR409A | NUR409B – Community Nursing Capstone (3 Credits Each)
These courses focus on the role of nurses in helping communities develop and implement community health plans. Topics include the identification and characteristics of vulnerable populations, assessment of community health needs, and health promotion and risk reduction across the life span. To fulfill the capstone requirements, students must present a portfolio that summarizes performance measures keyed to NUR401-NUR408. Prerequisite: NUR408.

Overview of Admission Requirements

Nurses who wish to apply to our Bachelor of Science in Nursing program must be:

  • Current, licensed Registered Nurses with no restrictions on practice
  • Graduates of an associate degree program from an accredited institution with a cumulative GPA of at least 2.0
  • Able to successfully pass an entrance interview, including verification of health insurance, immunizations, criminal background check, and a drug screening

College transcripts must be provided before the end of the first semester of study. Please see the application page for more details.

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