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It is obvious, at this point, how vitally computers and technology play a part in our economic and societal development, and that is only projected to continue as we see new developments and integrations change our world. It also means that digital information and platforms in both the public and private sectors will result in an increased demand for IT teams and the managers that will organize and coordinate their activities. The Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts that the need for computer and information systems managers will grow by 11%, much faster than average, through 2028. That’s why Salem University has developed a Master of Science in Information Technology degree program that builds upon our students’ technical knowledge and experience by introducing business and managerial skills that will teach you to lead a team of IT professionals in a variety of settings.

With our online MSIT degree, you’ll cover topics on how to:

  • Direct the daily operations of a department by analyzing workflow, establishing priorities, and setting deadlines
  • Collaborate with department heads, managers, vendors, executives, and others to coordinate resources and resolve problems
  • Develop department-wide standards and best practices
  • Assign and review work to members of your team, including analysts, programmers, developers, and more
  • Review project plans and manage projects within your department from reception to delivery

If you’ve been wanting to push your IT career to the next level, the online master of information technology program at Salem can help you build on your foundational knowledge of applications, cloud computing, databases, analytics, and more. We’ve combined so-called “soft” skills in areas like effective communication, problem sensitivity, and deductive and inductive reasoning with fundamental skills in SQL/noSQL, Apache Hadoop, Microsoft Dynamics, NetSuite ERP, Python, Java, Perl, and more.

MSIT Areas of specialization



Salem University has long been focused on an education model that utilizes both our 130-plus years of experience and a dedication to embracing new and innovative ways of delivering undergraduate and graduate degree programs. Our Master of Science in Information Technology degree program is offered 100% fully online, allowing you to pursue your graduate education in a flexible, accessible setting that meets you where you are. Our online MSIT degree is specifically designed to fit into your busy life with a unique one-course-a-month schedule, so that you’re able to keep up with your classes without having to quit your current full-time job. It’s the kind of intuitive approach to higher education developed with the needs of our students in mind.


With this program, you’ll start by taking classes that are core to the Master of Science in Information Technology degree:

  • IT500 Business Foundations and Processes
  • IT510 Information Technology and Project Management
  • IT520 Risk Assessment and Management
  • IT530 Disaster Recovery and Continuity Planning
  • IT550 Information Technology Architecture and Security
  • IT640 Database Administration
  • IT699 Enterprise Administration

You’ll also take specialized courses depending on your concentration. For Cybersecurity, that consists of:

  • IT610 Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP guidelines)
  • IT620 Intrusion Detection and Prevention
  • IT630 Security Policies and Procedures

And for the Data Analytics specialization that consists of:

  • IT650 Business Intelligence, Data Analytics, and Decision Support Systems
  • IT660 Big Data Analysis for Information Security
  • IT670 Predictive Analytics



Our MSIT degree program readies you to perform managerial roles in the information technology and information services sectors, including?

  • Application Development Director
  • Computing Services Director
  • Data Processing Manager
  • Information Systems Director, Manager, or Supervisor
  • Information Technology Director or Manager
  • MIS Director (Management Information Systems Director)
  • Technical Services Manager



Admission to Salem is open to all qualified applicants regardless of race, color, creed, religion, gender, sexual orientation, national origin, or ability/disability. Anyone wishing to attend Salem can obtain the necessary application from the Office of Admissions or online here. The completed application should be submitted to the Office of Admissions at the earliest possible date. The University admits students on a rolling, monthly start basis. Acceptance is within the discretion of Salem University; some programs have additional admissions requirements.

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