Multicategorical Education

Bachelor of Science in Education


The Bachelor of Science in Education degree specializing in Multicategorical Education prepares students to utilize their passion for teaching students who demonstrate exceptionality, autism, and trauma. By sharing that passion, a professional educator can positively impact today’s youth and communities and help build a brighter future for everyone. All Salem teacher education programs are delivered in a blended instructional format (on ground and online) with school- based fieldwork that leads to licensure to teach in America’s schools. The Salem School of Education is nationally accredited through the Council for Accreditation of Educator Preparation (CAEP).
In addition to Gen Ed courses, the candidate will take the following 30 credit hours:
SPE 120 Areas of Exceptionality in Special Education (Intro Class)
SPE 150 Strategies in Technology and Community Support for Secondary Learners with Mild to Moderate Exceptionality
SPE 210 Intellectual and Learning Disorder Cause and Support Systems (LD)
SPE 220 Behavioral Disorder Cause and Support Systems (BD)
SPE 230 Autism Spectrum Disorder and Support Systems
SPE 250 Autism Support Systems
SPE 310 Mental Impairment (MI)
SPE 330 Reading and Writing Methods in Special Education
SPE 350 Reading and Literacy Methods in Special Education
SPE 360 Reading and Writing Assessment in Special Education
SPE 380 Mathematics Methods in Special Education
SPE 390 Inclusive Curriculum, Materials & Methods
EDU 499 Trauma Sensitive Schools
SPE 430 IEP Preparation, Implementation and Evaluation Assessment in Special Education

This specialization is offered in three modalities:
Campus based – classes are taught on campus and successful completion will lead to WV teacher licensure
Hybrid – classes are taught online with licensure residency requirements met at your home location with K12 schools in your area
Non-Licensure – classes are taught online without any licensure requirements WHY SALEM UNIVERSITY
Salem University recognizes that most educators pursue the next step to their career while also still teaching in the classroom, which is why we offer our Master’s in Educational Leadership online. We choose to utilize the unique relationship between you and your employing school district as a benefit, not a detriment, to the program, and all educational leadership fieldwork or internship experiences during the degree track can be completed where you live.
The Salem School of Education is nationally accredited under Council of Accreditation for Educator Preparation (CAEP) accreditation system The Education Specialist program is approved by the West Virginia Department of Education and is nationally recognized by the Educational Leadership Constituent Council (ELCC). This designation will facilitate a more effective path to licensure in your home state.


Admission to Salem is open to all qualified applicants regardless of race, color, creed, religion, gender, sexual orientation, national origin, or ability/disability. Anyone wishing to attend Salem can obtain the necessary application from the Office of Admissions or you can apply now. It should be noted that the School of Education has an additional program-specific application. The completed application should be submitted to the Office of Admissions at the earliest possible date. The University admits students on a rolling, monthly start basis. Acceptance is within the discretion of Salem University.
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