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Government and nonprofit management jobs have evolved from purely bureaucratic positions to more dynamic, entrepreneurial opportunities. Advancing technology presents new challenges for formal planning and procurement systems developed decades ago. The specialized nature of government work has embraced new organizational designs, such as the projectized organization. Public Administrators at all levels have to focus on customer satisfaction in addition teamwork, planning, implementation, quality control and assurance, risk management, and earned value management common to Project Managers.

After graduation, you should be a competent and effective business problem-solver who can:

• Ability to integrate skills, concepts, and strategies for effective
business leadership and management.
• Mastery of business vocabulary for effective communication in a
global economy with increasing out-sourcing.
• Mastery of the components of the essential elements of change
• Competencies in finance, statistics, logistics, supply chain, and risk
and project management for success in a global economy.
Ability to apply knowledge, skills, and abilities in solving technical
business problems.


About this program

The Salem Master of Business Administration (MBA) with a specialization in Public Administration provides graduates with the strong foundation in business management they need, complemented by in-depth courses tailored to address the needs of nonprofit and public sectors.

Successful Public Administrators:
• Lead Teams and Manage Advanced Projects
• Understand Competing Needs and Constraints
• Make Hard Decisions with Integrity and a Global Perspective
• Solve Complex Business Problems
• Improve Communications and Teamwork
• Maximize Value for All Stakeholders



Salem offers accelerated undergraduate and graduate programs of study with continuous enrollment via distance education or on ground at our Salem, West Virginia campus. Courses are delivered in a monthly format (4-weeks) and completed on ground, online, or through a blended approach that uses both delivery methods. Online courses are structured to work within the constraints of full-time employment, allowing you to earn your degree with minimum disruption to your busy schedule. Traditional on ground programs of study are available for campus residents and commuter students.


Admission to Salem is open to all qualified applicants regardless of race, color, creed, religion, gender, sexual orientation, national origin, or ability/disability. Anyone wishing to attend Salem can obtain the necessary application from the Office of Admissions or online here. The completed application should be submitted to the Office of Admissions at the earliest possible date. The University admits students on a rolling, monthly start basis. Acceptance is within the discretion of Salem University; some programs have additional admissions requirements.

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