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Far from its initial origins of a casual recreational gaming, the world of video gaming and esports has exploded into a multimillion dollar industry that captivates hundreds of millions of spectators. Jobs in the esports field grew by 185% in just the first six months of 2019, and year-over-year growth for the whole industry has been over 15%. It is a booming area for innovation and career opportunity, and you can get prepared for it through the Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with an Esports Management specialization from Salem University. Combining foundational business skills with specialized knowledge of video gaming and events management, our esports degree is uniquely qualified to prepare you for jobs in a rapidly growing field.

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With Salem’s esports degree program, your courses will cover topics like how to:

  • Analyze the current esports market and establish best business and marketing practices
  • Utilize event management strategies to create successful, next-level esports experiences
  • Synthesize strategic thinking tactics in order to be able to quickly adapt to the fluid, constantly changing entertainment market
  • Build on knowledge of esports teams and history and stay in tune with the industry, ethics standards, and respective games
  • Assess circuit construction and operation for different games in order to provide better outcomes

If you’ve been interested in getting an esports degree, Salem University’s Esports Management specialization can provide you with the specialized knowledge and skills to step confidently into this field. It’s a young industry, in need of managers and leaders who are ready to build new business practices and demonstrate flexibility and adaptability.


For over 130 years, Salem University has been focused on our mission of preparing global citizens with the professional skills they need to make decisions with integrity and an international perspective. Salem’s Esports Management specialization stays true to that goal by offering a fully online degree program that allows students to step to the forefront of a new industry. We work hard to ensure that our online programs are flexible and adaptable to your busy life, so that you can pursue an esports degree without having to put your current life or responsibilities on hold. And our unique one-course-a-month format makes things even easier by letting you focus on one class, one topic, at a time, so that you don’t have to juggle multiple tasks and demands. You want a program that meets you where you are; Salem University makes that possible.


Graduates from an esports degree program can pursue job opportunities like:

  • Esports Coordinator
  • Esports Specialist
  • Esports Video Analyst
  • Director of Esports
  • Esports Production Assistant


Admission to Salem is open to all qualified applicants regardless of race, color, creed, religion, gender, sexual orientation, national origin, or ability/disability. Anyone wishing to attend Salem can obtain the necessary application from the Office of Admissions or online here. The completed application should be submitted to the Office of Admissions at the earliest possible date. The University admits students on a rolling, monthly start basis. Acceptance is within the discretion of Salem University; some programs have additional admissions requirements.

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