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Business Administration Bachelor Sports & Recreation Management

Sports are a major American pastime—and a major industry. If your business aspirations include working in the wide world of sports, Salem International University can help. Our Bachelor of Science in Business Administration program features a Sports & Recreation Management concentration option that can help you prepare for career opportunities in sports and recreation.

This concentration program, which includes a practicum experience, is part of our Bachelor of Science in Business Administration. The degree is available online or on campus, and takes as little as 40 months to complete.

Objectives of This Program

The Sports & Recreation Management concentration consists of five upper-level courses that offer you insight into topics including:

  • The structure of professional and amateur sports teams and governing bodies
  • Current legal and regulatory issues in sports
  • Budgeting, marketing, and operations management for sporting events, facilities, and teams

This program includes a hands-on practicum that gives you the opportunity to set up and manage a sporting event.

Career Opportunities

The skills you learn in the BSBA – Sports & Recreation Management program can help you prepare for careers in:

  • Sports teams
  • Sports associations
  • Recreational facilities management
  • Recreational sports leagues
  • Sports equipment manufacturers
  • Sports marketing

This program also prepares you to complete a master’s degree later on.

Program of Study

The concentration in Sports & Recreation Management builds on the core business curriculum of our BSBA program with five focused courses:

  • PED418 Organization and Administration of Physical Education and Sports
  • SMG210 Principles of Sports Management
  • SMG230 Governance and Ethics in Sports
  • SMG340 Facilities and Event Management
  • SMG380 Legal Aspects of Sports

These upper-level courses are taken during the last two years of your degree program.

Course Format

SIU offers the Bachelor of Science in Business Administration online or on campus in West Virginia. Both learning options feature:

  • The same curriculum and accelerated course sequence
  • Experienced faculty who support your goals
  • A diverse learning community
  • Comprehensive preparation for your business career

Course Descriptions

PED418 – Organization & Administration of Physical Education and Sport (3 Credits)
Explores various concepts, management principles and theories recognized as essential elements for management of programs. A study of procedures necessary to manage day-to-day administrative functions. Individualized research units required and effectively integrated into various subject disciplines.

SMG210 – Principles of Sports Management (3 Credits)
Overview of the structure of the sports industry. Introduction and analysis of career opportunities, facilities, marketing, client retention, budgeting, accounting, fund raising, gender issues, current issues, and organizational structure as related to various sport domains.

SMG230 – Governance and Ethics in Sports (3 Credits)
An investigation of how personal ethics, professional ethics, and personal moral development are necessary for successful management of sport. Examines sports governance at the professional, collegiate, high school, and amateur levels with an understanding of how governmental agencies influence the role of sports governing bodies. Studies conditions of membership in a governing body, sanctions and route of appeal.

SMG340 – Facility and Event Management of Sports (3 Credits)
A comprehensive study of the multifaceted details involved in the management operations of sport facilities. Examines the functions of planning, organizing, leading and evaluating as well as the operation and financing of sport facilities. Visits to public and private arenas, coliseums and stadiums will be arranged. A hands-on practicum involving a sport event is to be conducted.

SMG380 – Legal Aspects of Sports (3 Credits)
An introduction to the application of law to the sports industry. Topics include product liability, tort liability, anti-trust law, state and federal legislation specific to sport, contract law, constitutional law, agency law, and collective bargaining as a component of labor law. These topics are explored as they relate to sport.

Overview of Admission Requirements

Anyone who wishes to apply to our Bachelor of Science in Business Administration program must meet the following requirements:

  • Be at least 18 years of age;
  • High school graduate or equivalent (such as a GED or international secondary institution).

High school transcripts (and/or college transcripts for transfer students) must be provided before the end of the first semester of study. International students will need to provide results of credential evaluation and English language capability.

Please see the application page for more details.

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