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Bachelor of Science in Secondary Education – Physical Education

Salem International University’s Bachelor of Science in Education program includes a Physical Education concentration that can help you teach students teamwork, resilience, and self-care through sports and games. This concentration program adds in-depth courses covering topics in health, fitness, and sports to the core curriculum of our Bachelor of Science in Education.

This degree program is approved by the West Virginia Board of Education, and the concentration program is nationally recognized by the American Alliance for Health, Physical Education, Recreation and Dance (AAHPERD). It is a 40-month accelerated degree program available on campus in West Virginia.

Objectives of This Program

The goal of the Bachelor of Science in Education with a concentration in Physical Education is to produce exceptionally-prepared educational professionals who can meet the needs of all students and function as leaders in a classroom. As a graduate of this program, you should be able to:

  • Plan effective lessons and conduct appropriate assessments of learning
  • Create a productive, well-managed learning environment
  • Build effective collaborative relationships with administrators, fellow educators, and student family members
  • Pursue career-long professional development to continue growing as an educator

Career Opportunities

This program offers the skills, knowledge, and student teaching experience you need to become a middle or secondary school physical education teacher.

After graduation, you will be eligible for certification in West Virginia. You will need to take and pass examinations to earn your teaching certificate. If you wish to teach in another state, you will need to confirm requirements with that state’s board of education.

Program of Study

This concentration program is in addition to the general education and professional educator core curriculum of our BSED program.

The physical education concentration includes the following courses:

  • BIO210 Anatomy & Physiology 1
  • BIO211 Anatomy & Physiology 2
  • PED101 Individual Sports
  • PED102 Team Sports
  • PED116 Foundations of Physical Education & Sport
  • PED203 Gymnastics, Aerobics, Rhythm & Dance
  • PED209 Adapted Physical Education & Fitness
  • PED250 Kinesiology/Biomechanics
  • PED376 Materials & Methods of Teaching Physical Education
  • PED395 Physiology of Exercise & Performance Assessment
  • PED418 Organization & Administration of Physical Education& Sports
  • PED422 Swimming/Water Safety Instruction

It takes ten consecutive academic semesters of 12 semester credit hours each or 3 credit hours per month to complete the entire degree program—40 months in total. Portfolio assessment is ongoing over the course of the program, and helps determine whether you can progress to student teaching.

Course Format

SIU offers the Bachelor of Science in Education program on campus in West Virginia. You will be able to take advantage of:

  • A professionally-focused curriculum and accelerated course sequence
  • Experienced faculty who support your goals
  • A diverse learning community
  • Extensive student teaching experiences
  • Comprehensive preparation for your career as an educator

Course Descriptions

BIO210 – Anatomy & Physiology (3 Credits) | BIO211 – Anatomy & Physiology 2 (3 Credits)
The series of courses covers the structure and function of human anatomy and physiology. Structure and function will be presented from the subcellular and macromolecular levels to the whole-organ and systems levels. Function will be presented with special emphasis on the interrelationships inherent in the intra- as well as inter-organ feedback systems.

PED101 – Individual Sports (3 Credits)
This course is designed to acquire and share the knowledge relating to each individual sport as well as demonstrating skill(s) required in each sport. Emphasis will be on the proper technique in weight training to strengthen and tone muscles and increase muscular endurance; rules, specific techniques and training used in sprinting, hurdles, long distance and field events; and rules, skills, strategy, and etiquette of racquetball.

PED102 – Team Sports (3 Credits)
This course is designed to emphasize the rules, skills, and strategy in each sport covered.

PED116 – Foundations of Physical Education and Sport (3 Credits)
Exploration of the history and philosophy of physical education and sport within the context of humanity’s cultural development.

PED203 – Gymnastics, Aerobics, Rhythm, and Dance (3 Credits)
This course is designed to teach basic gymnastic skills, aerobic fitness, basic dance skills and terminology. Topics include safety procedures for gymnastic stunts, rhythm dances (line, partner, circle, and square), and aerobic dance.

PED209 – Adapted Physical Education and Fitness Assessment (3 Credits)
An Introduction to various disabilities and disabling conditions that are found among atypical students and their relationship to the planning and administration of adapted physical education programs.

PED250 – Kinesiology/Biomechanics (3 Credits)
This course is designed to link the basics of skeletal structure, anatomy, the motor learning components of the central nervous system, and skeletal muscle function, to basic Newtonian mechanics and general force-velocity physics. Special emphasis is the application of this information to real-life situations.

PED376 – Materials and Methods of Physical Education (3 Credits)
This course is designed to prepare students to teach physical education at the elementary (K-3), middle school (4-8) and the secondary school classroom and beyond (9-Adult). Topics discussed will be curriculum planning, organizing, methodology, instructional techniques, and evaluation. In addition, the selection and use of age and developmentally appropriate materials, games, and activities will be a topic of discussion and practice. Prerequisite: Completion of Level I.

PED395 – Physiology of Exercise and Performance Assessment (3 Credits)
Studies the physiological changes accompanying acute and chronic exercise. Lecture and laboratory experiences are planned to enable the student to develop, administer, and evaluate physiological tests and prescribe training procedures. This is intended to emphasize application-specific content.

PED418 – Organization & Administration of Physical Education and Sport (3 Credits)
Explores various concepts, management principles and theories recognized as essential elements for management of programs. A study of procedures necessary to manage day-to-day administrative functions. Individualized research units required and effectively integrated into various subject disciplines.

PED422 – Swimming/Water Safety Instruction (3 Credits)
This course will teach the skills and strokes used for swimming, starting with elementary aquatic skills and progressing to front and back crawl, backstroke, treading water, diving, breaststroke, and sidestroke. Emphasis is on the development of safe practices around the water. Students with skills sufficient to teach swimming and water safety courses may be certified as a water safety instructor.

Overview of Admission Requirements

Anyone who wishes to apply to our Bachelor of Science in Education program must meet the following requirements:

  • Be at least 18 years of age;
  • High school graduate or equivalent (such as a GED or international secondary institution).

High school transcripts (and/or college transcripts for transfer students) must be provided before the end of the first semester of study. International students will need to provide results of credential evaluation and English language capability.

Please see the application page for more details.

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