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Bachelor of Science in Computer Science – Data Science Specialization

From marketing to manufacturing, the sciences to social media, we live in a world of Big Data. Organizations of all sizes can gain surprising insights by tracking and analyzing data from their business. If you’re interested in developing practical skills for data mining and management, earn your Bachelor of Science in Computer Science with a specialization in Data Science.

This concentration program teaches the theoretical knowledge and hands-on skills you need to begin your Big Data career. The accelerated 40-month program is available online or on campus.

Objectives of This Program

As a graduate of our BSCS – Data Science program, you will be able to:

  • Demonstrate knowledge of and apply project management strategies in the workplace
  • Create data structures tailored to the needs of businesses
  • Produce data visualizations that provide actionable information
  • Develop, test, and maintain software programs
  • Understand the principles and practices of data security

At the end of the program, you will demonstrate your mastery of course topics and data analysis skills in a senior-year capstone project.

Career Opportunities

Our BSCS in Data Science can prepare you for careers in:

  • Market research
  • Business intelligence
  • Social media
  • Advertising and marketing data mining
  • Scientific data management
  • Data security

This program also prepares you to complete a master’s degree in computer science after graduation.

Program of Study

The following Data Science concentration courses are in addition to the curriculum for the Bachelor of Science in Computer Science:

  • CS401 Advanced Database Development using SQL
  • CS402 Data Mining/Data Warehousing
  • CS403 Security Data Science
  • CS404 Business Intelligence
  • CS405 Data Analytics

It takes 10 consecutive academic semesters of 12 semester credit hours each or 3 credit hours per month to complete the entire degree program—40 months in total.

Course Format

SIU offers the Bachelor of Science in Computer Science online or on campus in West Virginia. Both learning options feature:

  • The same curriculum and accelerated course sequence
  • Experienced faculty who support your goals
  • A diverse learning community
  • Comprehensive preparation for your computer science career

Course Descriptions

CS401 – Advanced Database Development (3 Credits)
In order to store, update and manage large volumes of institutional information, it is necessary to develop a standardized way of adding, changing and deleting records perhaps across multiple (often distributed) datasets simultaneously. Structured Query Language (SQL) provides a method that students can learn and use regardless of industry or business as the database language is the de facto standard. Using such database development tools enable students to understand the fundamentals of databases, their construction and maintenance in the 21st century business environment.

CS402 – Data Mining/Data Warehousing (3 Credits)
The student will learn how information is properly stored within large and complex databases or Data Warehouses and Data Marts as well as how such information is organized within an enterprise. The student will understand how operational systems, such as marketing and supply chains are integrated and channeled to the data warehouse. In addition, the student will also understand how data marts are used to properly extract columns from relational databases and use appropriate tools to analyze and organize the data to create a usable, efficient access layer from such stores.

CS403 – Data Science Security (3 Credits)
The student will learn the importance of information security as it relates to data and the applications that are employed within Data Science. The overall goal of expertise in this subject area is to identify sources of risk, to mitigate security risks, and to be able to take proactive steps to prevent breaches of security (e.g., loss of client information or fraud) within the enterprise. The student will understand how to better represent data to users through a process of data visualization and associated tools.

CS404 – Business Intelligence (3 Credits)
The principle learning objectives offered by Business Intelligence tools are that they allow for the creation of useful information large and complex systems of data. The advantages are: 1) Handling large quantities of data; 2) Improving data mining; 3) Providing predictive information 4) Developing business strategies can be developed; and 5) Managing performance and enhancing the processes of benchmarking, decision-making, and competitive intelligence.

CS405 – Data Analytics (3 Credits)
The analytic tools used to analyze big data (multi-terabyte to petabyte) involve discovering patterns within the unstructured information that enable professionals to create more robust and efficient decision making capabilities for the enterprise.

While conventional Business Intelligence is valuable to business, oftentimes the tools used to discover and define patterns through the use of big data analytics prove to be a pathway to even more valuable business information. In dealing with big data, the student examines diverse sources of data including web server logs social media reports, and other unstructured datasets that require specialized tools and techniques to derive useful information and support business decision-making.

Overview of Admission Requirements

Anyone who wishes to apply to our Bachelor of Science in Computer Science program must meet the following requirements:

  • Be at least 18 years of age;
  • High school graduate or equivalent (such as a GED or international secondary institution).

High school transcripts (and/or college transcripts for transfer students) must be provided before the end of the first semester of study. International students will need to provide results of credential evaluation and English language capability.

Please see the application page for more details.

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