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Bachelor of Science in Computer Science – Software Development Specialization

Businesses and organizations of all sizes rely on computers and the programs they run. As computing needs continue to change and evolve, trained software developers will be needed who can create systems and programs.

If you’re interested in a computer science or software development career, earn your Bachelor of Science in Computer Science with a concentration in Software Development at SIU. Our accelerated, 40-month degree program teaches foundational computer science knowledge plus in-depth software development skills.

Objectives of This Program

As a graduate of our BSCS – Software Development program, you will be able to:

  • Develop software project plans based on an evaluation of client needs
  • Perform object-oriented programming with the use of programming languages
  • Develop, test, and maintain software programs
  • Understand data structures and implement them successfully

At the end of the program, you will demonstrate your mastery of course topics and software programming skills in a senior-year capstone project.

Career Opportunities

Our BSCS in Software Development can prepare you for careers in:

  • Software programming
  • Quality assurance/testing
  • Systems management
  • IT or computer consulting companies
  • Computer animation or graphics
  • Application development

This program also prepares you to complete a master’s degree in computer science after graduation.

Program of Study

The following Software Development concentration courses are in addition to the curriculum for the Bachelor of Science in Computer Science:

  • CS323 Methods of Software Development
  • CS325 Intermediate Programming
  • CS330 Data Structures & Algorithms
  • CS435 Compilers & Languages
  • CS420 Information Systems Security

It takes 10 consecutive academic semesters of 12 semester credit hours each or 3 credit hours per month to complete the entire degree program—40 months in total.

Course Format

SIU offers the Bachelor of Science in Computer Science online or on campus in West Virginia. Both learning options feature:

  • The same curriculum and accelerated course sequence
  • Experienced faculty who support your goals
  • A diverse learning community
  • Comprehensive preparation for your computer science career

Course Descriptions

CS323 – Methods of Software Development (3 Credits)
This course continues the study of software development by focusing on the methods of software design, development, and verification – the skills beyond fluency in a particular language which are necessary for developing large, reliable programs. Topics include object-oriented design, the use of APIs, and testing and verification. Techniques common in modern software development will also be studied. Specific techniques may include GUIs and event-driven programming, multi-threading, client-server networking, fault-tolerant computing, stream programming, and security.

CS325 – Intermediate Programming (3 Credits)
This course covers some of the more advanced fundamentals of programming including basic data structures (such as lists, stacks and queues, binary trees, and hash tables), recursion, common algorithms (such as searching and sorting), and generic programming. This course also looks more deeply at object-oriented programming, including the use of class hierarchies.

CS330 – Data Structures and Algorithms (3 Credits)
This course is a study of data structures and algorithms, focusing on algorithm design and analysis and the relationships between data representation, algorithm design, and program efficiency. Topics include advanced data structures, key algorithm design techniques, analysis of the time and space requirements of algorithms, and characterizing the difficulty of solving a problem. Concrete examples will be drawn from a variety of domains, such as algorithms for graphs and networks, cryptography, data compression, strings, geometric problems, indexing and search, numerical problems, and parallel computation. This course is required for the major in computer science.

CS420 – Information Systems Security (3 Credits)
This course provides an introduction to computer network security. Students successfully completing this course will be able to evaluate works in academic and commercial security, and will have rudimentary skills in security research. The course begins at the tutorial of the basic elements of cryptography, cryptanalysis, and system security, and continues by covering a number of seminal papers and monographs on a wide range of security areas.

CS435 – Compilers and Languages (3 Credits)
This course explores the implementation of modern programming languages by looking at compiler design and construction. The course focuses mainly on object-oriented programming languages, although it will also look briefly at compiling for languages from other programming paradigms. Major topics in compilation are covered, including scanning, parsing, semantic analysis, and code-generation. If time allows, the course will also cover some advanced topics, including garbage collection and optimization.

Overview of Admission Requirements

Anyone who wishes to apply to our Bachelor of Science in Computer Science program must meet the following requirements:

  • Be at least 18 years of age;
  • High school graduate or equivalent (such as a GED or international secondary institution).

High school transcripts (and/or college transcripts for transfer students) must be provided before the end of the first semester of study. International students will need to provide results of credential evaluation and English language capability.

Please see the application page for more details.

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