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Athletic Training Room

 HydroWorksSMALL Welcome to the Salem International University New Athletic Training Room Website. We are excited about our new program and facilities here at SIU. We recently moved the athletic training room from the second floor in the gym to the first floor of the T. Edward Davis Building. The new athletic training room is equipped with three new offices, a hydro room, new treatment and taping tables, and a generous space for rehabilitation, which includes the CYBEX TRAZER.
The HydroWorx 2000 Series (seen above) is a radically functional aquatic therapy pool.  It boasts a host of high-performance features which represent the cooperative efforts of visionaries, engineers, and clinicians.  The moveable floor, 8’x12′ underwater treadmill, resistance jet technology, and computer and camera systems satisfy the varied demands of traditional physical rehabilitation, as well as those of dominant, world-class athletes. ATRSMALL

It is our mission to keep our student-athletes safe and injury free through injury prevention methods such as stretching, hydration, and strengthening the smaller joint stabilizing muscles.  When injury does occur, our ATCs have various modalities from paraffin, cryotherapy, aquatic therapy, neuromuscular stim, and ultrasound to treat the minor to severe injuries that come with competing on the collegiate level.  Rehabilitation begins in the Athletic Training Room with balance exercises, gait training, tubing exercises and modality treatments and then moves into the new Fitness Center for the final fine tuning before returning to competition.